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In this video I take a deeper dive into the magic of the Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac) key and how it can help you fine tune your edits as you go through your post-processing workflow.

I cover:

- How it helps you control your overall exposure/luminosity when adjusting sliders in the Basic panel
- How it helps you better select and visualize your colors when applying Split Toning
- How to really dial in your Vignette settings in the Effects panel
- And the very powerful (and important!) way the Alt/Option key allows you to tune the Sharpening you apply within the Details panel

This is a little trick I showed during the webinar I facilitated last month but it's so useful to me I felt it warranted its own video (instead of being buried in the middle of an hour long session). Learn how to easily adjust the "opacity" of complex local adjustments with just one click! This is one of my most-used tools, and I've barely seen anyone else talk about it.

This trick allows you to adjust every slider in the local adjustment tool at the same time, with just a click. This is extremely useful when you just want to tweak the "opacity" or intensity of a complex adjustment you've already created but dread the thought of changing multiple sliders one-by-one, and possibly messing up the effect you spent time creating.

Follow along with this how-to video as I take you through the Lightroom Classic import process step-by-step. In this tutorial, I'll discuss the different types of previews you can create, copying files to two locations at the same time, automatically renaming files, setting up keywords, and more.

I was recently invited to facilitate a webinar as part of Linda Nickell's weekly Happiness Hour series. Clocking in at just over an hour, this one packs in several of my favorite Lightroom Classic tips and tricks that help me supercharge my processing of images. Since this is a long video, I've included timestamps for each of the main topics I covered:

- A shorter summary of my Lightroom customization video (11:45)
- How to match and select colors within an image (starts at 17:20)
- The magic of the ALT/Option key (29:25)
- How to adjust the "opacity" of local adjustments (34:30)

And during Q&A I share a few other little tricks that can help you take your own processing to the next level:

- BONUS: Quick look at Range Masking (40:00)
- BONUS: How to create a Local Adjustment preset (46:00)
- BONUS: JPEG or RAW? (48:00)

Tired of scrolling through endless Develop panels to find the section you need? Want to hide sections you never use? Frustrated that Lightroom isn't laid out to match your personal workflow? This tutorial will walk you through how to customize your Library and Develop workspaces to meet YOUR needs as you organize and process your images in Lightroom Classic!

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