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Private Lightroom Editing Workshops Now Available!*

Whether you've never used Adobe Lightroom before and want to learn the basics of file management and editing, or you're looking to take the knowledge you already have and elevate your post-processing to the next level, I'm here to help! Contact me to set up a private, one-on-one editing workshop, tailored to meet your needs.

My Post-Processing Philosophy

I've always maintained that I want my editing to provoke for viewers a sense of the emotions I experienced in a particular location. I may remove minor elements that mar the scene - trash, electrical wires, etc. - but otherwise focus mainly on adjusting light, shadow, and color. I don't swap out skies or add elements as that's not indicative of what I've experienced.


$40/hr for a customized virtual workshop focused on your specific needs. A recording of the workshop will be made available to you afterwards at no additional cost.

Additional Details

All workshops are conducted virtually via Skype, unless other arrangements are made ahead of time (for instance, if you're local to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I may be able to offer an in-person workshop - cost may vary from the above quote).

Ready to Sign Up?

You can contact me via my social media pages below, or email me by clicking on the envelope icon. I'll reach out to you to gather details in regard to what you want to accomplish, and to schedule a time to hold the session. 

* Subscription to Adobe Lightroom Classic CC recommended