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As of February 2022, I'm now a full-time photographer!

Having always been interested in photography to some degree, it was after a business trip to Ireland in 2015 that I found my passion for the art elevated to a new level. In addition to a desire to share my experiences with my family and others through the photos I captured, I also quickly fell in love with the strengthened connection to nature and the therapeutic mindfulness of composing images that landscape photography provided.

Throughout my professional life, spanning a career in sales and information technology, I have achieved my greatest satisfaction from teaching and developing others; I now hope to extend that to the photography space through this website and private and group workshops. I am focused on sharing my knowledge and passion with those who are just starting out or looking to hone their existing skills, or with those who simply want to connect while capturing this amazing world through their own lens.

In early 2021 I invested in a large format professional printer - more specifically, a Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-2100 - and started producing my own fine art nature and landscape photography prints. It was a hefty up-front investment, and ink purchases are an ongoing hefty investment, but both are worth it as I wanted full creative control over the work I'm producing.

From processing my Raw files to accurately represent the moment, experience, and presence of shooting in the field, to selecting museum-quality fine art papers on which to print my photos, I have full, personal ownership of realizing my creative vision.

I would love for you to share my experiences in your own home or office. You can browse my print galleries here.


Now that I'm pursuing photography full-time, I've also begun offering other photography services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Learn more about the services I provide here.

To read more about how I started my journey, click here.

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I'm Michael Rung, a landscape, Nature, & Commercial photographer based out of Fort Worth, Texas.

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I've been pursuing my passion for photography, and photography education, for several years now. It has required plenty of time, patience, and monetary investment. To date, my YouTube channel and blog have provided just enough revenue to start covering the cost of my website hosting and other business expenses not directly tied to the actual making of photos. 

Aside from the commercial work I've recently started offering, I rely largely on my supporters to fund my travel.

Your voluntary contribution - of any amount - will not only help ensure I continue to have the means to create content and share my passion with you and others, but it will also be tremendously appreciated.


Donations are managed via PayPal and may be made on a one-time basis or as monthly recurring payments, if you choose to do so.

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It goes without saying that one of the most appreciated ways you can support my work is by purchasing a fine art print of a photo you love!


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