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Having always been interested in photography to some degree, it was after a business trip to Ireland in 2015 that I found my passion for the art elevated to a new level. In addition to a desire to share my experiences with my family and others through the photos I captured, I also quickly fell in love with the strengthened connection to nature and the therapeutic mindfulness of composing images that landscape photography provided.

Throughout my professional life, spanning a career in sales and information technology, I have achieved my greatest satisfaction from teaching and developing others; I now hope to extend that to the photography space through this website and private and group workshops. I am focused on sharing my knowledge and passion with those who are just starting out or looking to hone their existing skills, or with those who simply want to connect while capturing this amazing world through their own lens.

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Thanks for stopping by, and happy shooting!

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I've been pursuing my passion for photography, and photography education, for several years now. It has required plenty of time, patience, and monetary investment. To date, I have not earned any income through my YouTube channel or blog. I have spent countless hours and days producing tutorials and other content, in addition to capturing, editing, printing, and sharing my photos. I hope to continue to do so indefinitely.

Your voluntary contribution - of any amount - will not only help ensure I continue to have the means to create content and share my passion with you and others but it will also be tremendously appreciated.


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I'm Michael Rung, a landscape & Nature photographer based out of Fort Worth, Texas.