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Bryce Canyon National Park

Utah Gallery

If you count a whirlwind 48 hours back in the summer of 2018, I've now made four trips to southern Utah for the sole purpose of photographing its unique and varied landscapes. From Bryce Canyon National Park to locations along Cottonwood Canyon Road and other areas throughout the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, I've come to absolutely love exploring the region. Beyond its beauty, I've also fallen in love with its ability to make one feel completely isolated in a vast stretch of wilderness.

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Special Announcement

Autumnal Wonder: New Free eBook Now Available!

My free ebook, Autumnal Wonder, is a curated presentation of new photos from my fall 2023 trip to southern Utah. In addition to the nearly 40 brand-new photos included withing, the ebook is also introduced by a short essay in which I discuss the personal reasons for my pursuit of photography (and how they are changing given the recent loss of my mom).

At this time, the photos included in the ebook are not available for viewing in my slideshow gallery. They will be added at some point in the future.

Utah: March 2023 Portfolio

The following gallery includes photos from my March 2023 return trip to southern Utah. Thanks to lingering wintry conditions from a record-breaking season, I had to change my plans a fair bit, abandoning my intentions to head back to Cottonwood Canyon Road - deemed impassable by the Bureau of Land Management due to ice, snow, and mud - and instead focused my efforts on Bryce Canyon National Park, exploring further along Highway 12, and returning to Burr Trail.

For a look behind the scenes of this trip and more information related to why and how I changed up my itinerary in the days leading up to the trip, you can read my trip report blog series I wrote after returning home.

Utah: March 2022 Portfolio

The gallery below is a collection of the photos I made during my March 2022 visit with my friend Jon Fischer. We spent much of our time visiting various places along Highway 12 and Cottonwood Canyon Road, but also had a fantastic single day at Bryce Canyon National Park, which was Jon's first time witnessing it's spectacular beauty.

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