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Texas Gallery

Although it was a trip to Ireland in 2015 that truly sparked my passion for landscape and nature photography, I had been playing around with mobile phone photography since moving to Texas in the spring of 2012. Granted, much of it was focused on capturing photos of my car in various locations, but that hobby, coupled with moving to a new state where I knew few people, spurred me to get out exploring.

Those explorations led to discovering some local parks and nature refuges, and visiting those planted the seeds that fully blossomed in Ireland.

While you won't find any phone images of cars below (you're welcome!), you will be treated to the varied natural world I've photographed in Texas over the past seven years since purchasing my first camera. You'll also see some photos from when I dabbled in bird and wildlife photography in 2018, and even some very unusual-for-me lifestyle photos from the Fort Worth Stockyards.

Several of the images I've included here are not what I consider portfolio work, or are not of a genre/style I prefer at this point, but I wanted to include them as they help convey the variety that can be found here in north Texas.

It's also worth noting that, generally speaking, I tend to avoid images that could be defined as "quintessentially Texas" (think windmills and longhorns). Although such photos would likely sell well, I prefer to photograph some of the less-expected qualities of the Lone Star State.

Several of the images you see below are available as prints, which you can purchase via the button below. More will be made available over time; if there's an image you'd like a print of which isn't listed for purchase, please contact me.

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