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Online Photography Education

Mountain layers at dusk in Glacier National Park

How to Use Lightroom

From the basics of importing your images into Lightroom and keeping them organized to learning how to edit your photos in Lightroom or Lightroom Classic, I personalize every lesson to meet your specific needs.



"My tutorial with Michael has taken my Lightroom skills to the next level! I had been using the program for several years, and had no idea there were so many tools and shortcuts I was missing!! Thanks Michael for making a huge impact on my editing for better final images!"

- Kathy C.

Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park


The raw image is extremely lacking in contrast and saturation, and there's a loss of detail in the highlights of the sky

Realizing Your Creative Vision

To have the most control over your photography to fully realize your artistic vision, you'll want to shoot in Raw to capture the most data possible within each digital image file.

Although Raw files provide far more flexibility and allow for better recovery of blown highlights, lifting of dark shadows, and perfecting of colors, there is a downside: they will be fairly dull and flat without additional work in the digital darkroom.

Using your own images (if you prefer), I'll show you my processing workflow in Lightroom or Lightroom Classic, focusing on any areas we identify as specific opportunities beforehand.

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Lightroom Info
Importing images into Lightroom Classic

File Management & Organization

Perhaps the most important area to understand when using Lightroom Classic, yet frequently overlooked by new users.

Learn the ins and outs of importing images, creating previews, and more. From a file management standpoint we'll cover:

  • How to move, create, and delete folders and files

  • How to use Collections and Keywords

  • How to use Virtual Copies

  • Backing up your original files and the critical Lightroom Catalog

Saint Mary Falls in Glacier National Park

Image / Portfolio Critiques

Receive fair but honest feedback on an image or portfolio of images to help refine your creative vision, from composition to post-processing


Other / General Questions

I'm always happy to answer basic questions around any topic, either via social media channels or email. Just ask!

If you want to have a deeper discussion around a particular topic, we can also work together to create a custom online session to meet your needs.

Woman Typing


  • $75 for up to 1 hour

  • $140 for up to 2 hours*

  • $200 for up to 3 hours

  • Custom packages available

* Recommended for first Lightroom sessions

Payment Info

Upon confirmation and scheduling of your session, you will receive an invoice via email for the selected service.

Payment will be due no later than 14 days prior to the start of the workshop. If payment is not received by the due date, the workshop may be cancelled or rescheduled at my discretion.


To receive a refund for a prepaid service, the cancellation must be submitted at least 7 days prior to the confirmed date of the workshop.

Additional Details

  • Conducted via Zoom

  • Free downloadable recording

  • Tailored to your needs

  • Repeat client discounts available


Sign-up / More Info

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