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Morning sunlight on the Grand Teton mountains

Wyoming Gallery

After a childhood spent exploring the neighborhood woods and along the creek that meandered throughout, I gradually lost interest in outdoor adventure (although I never lost my appreciation for nature in general). As an adult, I didn't undertake my first significant hike until the age of 38. The next year, I camped in a tent for the first time in my life.

Just shy of my 40th birthday, I found myself camping in various sites in and around Grand Teton National Park as I attended my first landscape photography workshop. It was a tremendous, albeit exhausting, experience, and one that I have reflected on to some degree nearly every day since (as I write this, five years later and counting).

Given where I was in my photography journey, I was just starting to come into my own but also still made plenty of mistakes, often due to the typical "I know best" phase many photographers go through after a few years of shooting. I was still shooting handheld with little deliberate intent for compositions: if something caught my eye, I photographed it. While not necessarily a bad way to learn, that approach certainly meant my ratio of duds to winners was quite skewed towards the duds side. For the workshop, I was admittedly less interested in learning than in just having someone guide to me spectacular locations to photograph with little instruction.


Since I spent almost all my time shooting handheld when there was even a hint of light in the sky, I also have a large collection of files from this trip shot at higher ISOs. As a result, they are quite noisy and, until the more recent advent of AI-assisted noise reduction technology, were unusable for anything beyond sharing for consumption on small phone screens.

Recently, as I wrote about in my Hidden Gold blog post, I went through the exercise of reviewing many of my older archives of photos, looking for anything I had either overlooked or dismissed as too noisy, or that could be revisited with a more refined processing approach. I came out of that process with roughly 40 new photos to share by the time I published the post.

In this gallery, all but three of the images you'll find - Grand Opportunity, The Far Shore, and Awaken - are new releases. Several more have been added beyond the initial group I included in Hidden Gold. I have shared a handful of these in years past, but subsequently removed them from my site and social media feeds as my personal approach to post-processing became more refined over time (in 2018 I was, at times, extremely heavy handed with my editing... to put it kindly). Where I still saw potential, I completely scrapped those older edits and started over from scratch. I'm glad to say that some of the newly edited photos - having made me cringe upon pulling them from my archives - are now among my favorites. Not just for this gallery, but within my broader portfolio of work, as well.

I hope you enjoy this collection. You can read a bit more about the making of each photo by clicking on the thumbnails. If interested, most images are also available as fine art prints in my store.

Wyoming Fine Art Prints

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