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Lightroom in a Snap: Reimagined

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

My popular Lightroom Tips & Tricks series is making a return in a new and improved format

Whether you're looking for Lightroom tutorials for beginners or are already comfortable with using one or both Lightroom apps, my goal is to provide Lightroom tips and tricks that will be useful for everyone.

A Bit of Background

Anyone that has been following me on social media for a while now, especially over on Instagram, may remember my adventure with short-form tutorials via Instagram Reels and, eventually, YouTube Shorts. Over the course of roughly six months, I released four collections of these short tips and tricks for Lightroom, totaling 20 videos.

Initially, due to the limitations of Reels, my Lightroom in a Snap videos were restricted to being only 15 seconds or less, before Instagram eventually upped the limit to 30 seconds (which was a huge relief). Needless to say, there's only so much one can show in such a short window of time!

As I've recently been working on a couple new in-depth Lightroom tutorials that are requiring a considerable amount of planning and preparation, I've also been feeling there is still plenty of opportunity to provide shorter, bite-sized videos to fill in the gaps between my full-blown walkthroughs.

And so, I'm happy to share that I'm relaunching my Lightroom in a Snap series! After initially targeting a "60 seconds or less" format, with the thought of still focusing on vertical videos meant for viewing on a phone screen, I decided that just wasn't going to be enough time to convey some of the Lightroom tricks I have in mind.


What's so "New & Improved" About this Lightroom Series?

These new "Snap" videos will be 2 minutes or less (disclaimer: usually), and formatted for viewing on any screen, meaning they will be the more traditional 16:9 screen format that's suited for TVs, monitors, and laptops... but also your phone or tablet.

Unlike the first round of videos, I'll also be including Lightroom "Cloud" (AKA Lightroom CC, or just Lightroom) tips and tricks. Sometimes both versions - Lightroom and Lightroom Classic - will be covered in the same video, while other times a video will cover one or the other. Each one will clearly indicate which versions are applicable to try to avoid some of the confusion that often arises due to the differences in the two applications.

My goal is to release new episodes weekly, for as long as I can come up with content. Check back each Sunday at 10:00am CST and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, and turn on new video notifications, so you don't miss an episode.

My Lightroom in a Snap Playlist on YouTube

Find every episode released so far!


Have an Idea for a Future Video?

Leave a comment below to let me know if there's a Lightroom editing or file management topic you'd like me to cover in a future Lightroom in a Snap episode, or in a deeper-dive video. I make these videos for you!


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