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2022 Wallpaper Calendars (Free Member perk)

Updated: May 7, 2022

Each monthly desktop wallpaper includes a member-exclusive discount code for print discounts

Firmly in the category of "better late than never," I've created a set of free monthly desktop backgrounds for 2022 that site members can download. Not yet a member? It's free to join! Learn more about the benefits, and sign up HERE.

Each calendar wallpaper also includes a member-exclusive coupon code that's good for 33% OFF a print of the month's featured photo (valid during the applicable calendar month). Simply enter the coupon code at checkout when purchasing that month's print to receive the discount.

Below are low-resolution previews of the desktop calendars - the actual downloads are all delivered as high resolution 4K wallpapers, at a 16:9 aspect ratio, and include the discount code in the bottom right corner.

I'm obviously biased but I'm loving the April wallpaper on my monitor (the photo - Killarney Wandering's - is also a personal favorite). I hope my site members enjoy these, as well! If as popular as I think they will be, I'll likely set up 2023 calendars towards the end of the year.

April 2022 Free Calendar Wallpaper
April 2022 Wallpaper
May 2022 Free Calendar Wallpaper
May 2022 Wallpaper
June 2022 Free Calendar Wallpaper
June 2022 Wallpaper
July 2022 Free Calendar Wallpaper
July 2022 Wallpaper
August 2022 Free Calendar Wallpaper
August 2022 Wallpaper
September 2022 Free Calendar Wallpaper
September 2022 Wallpaper
October 2022 Free Calendar Wallpaper
October 2022 Wallpaper
November 2022 Free Calendar Wallpaper
November 2022 Wallpaper
December 2022 Free Calendar Wallpaper
December 2022 Wallpaper


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