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2024 Wallpaper Calendars: Free Designs to Brighten Up Your Desktop

Updated: Jan 9

Download free desktop wallpapers to use as your computer desktop background.

And so another year draws to a close... it's hard to believe another 12 months have come and (just about) gone. To help ring in the new year I've once again produced desktop calendars that you can download for free. Click here to download the collection or continue reading to learn more.

Below, you'll find low resolution previews of each month's calendar; when you download the actual files they will be delivered as high resolution 4K desktop wallpapers in a standard 16x9 aspect ratio.

The included photos cover some of my work from 2018 all the way through to my newest images from 2023. What's more, as of the publish date of this blog post, six of the included images have never been shared before! Those particular photos will be coming to my fine art nature prints for sale in the coming weeks, so you can also consider this desktop calendar a bit of a sneak peek at what I'll be releasing!

If you'd like to see more of my work, head to my store, where you'll find my Artist Series and Ready-to-Hang print offerings or visit my slideshow galleries to view curated collections of some of my photos.

The January wallpaper features a photo I made in March of 2023 as I explored a very wintry Bryce Canyon National Park. With snow depths of 30 inches or more in parts of the park, access was limited but I was able to come away with more photos than any other trip to-date.

This featured photo for the February 2024 desktop wallpaper was captured during a a foggy morning in Beavers Bend State Park in southeast Oklahoma. The heavy fog completely changed my surroundings and opened up new opportunities to capture moody photos like this one. Prints available

For the March 2024 wallpaper, we're back in Utah, this time along Burr Trail, a remote road that runs from the small town of Boulder to Capitol Reef National Park and beyond. Along one stretch, within Long Canyon, one can find spectacular reflected light bouncing off the canyon walls, as seen here.

The featured photo for the April 2024 desktop is bittersweet. Shortly after returning from my first Utah trip of 2023, our elderly German Shephard, Lucy, began a rapid decline and we had to say goodbye within a month's time. Shortly before her passing, as I was out running errands, I noticed a patch of beautiful wildflowers growing along the road (we ended up having a spectacular wildflower season for weeks on end). I decided then and there that the colorful spring we were experiencing was for Lucy, spawning a personal project I called Flowers for Lucy. In the days after our loss, I returned to this spot with my camera and made several photos in her honor.

This May desktop wallpaper for 2024 is the oldest in this collection, having been made back in 2018 during a short visit to Arizona. After a strenuous afternoon hike, my friend and I were treated to this beautiful sunset as we looked out at Weaver's Needle. Prints available

For the June 2024 wallpaper, I take you to one of my favorite places on Earth: Ireland, the country that sparked my passion for photography. This photo was made along the Owengarriff River, below Torc Waterfall. The hike leading to and from the waterfall is so beautiful it took me hours to complete what should have taken me no more than 30 minutes. The waterfall ended up placing a distant second behind all the beauty I found along the river. Prints available

This July 2024 wallpaper is yet another image that has never been shared before (one of six in this collection). Taken along the lake shore in my favorite local park, a boat passing the distance created these mesmerizing ripples which seemingly faded to infinity in the distance.

For the August 2024 wallpaper, we return to Beavers Bend State Park in Oklahoma. I made this photo in the summer of 2022 when I gambled on an 18-hour overnight visit to the park. After waking up to seemingly lackluster conditions, I decided to head to some of my go-to viewpoints and was treated to this fantastic light show as the morning sun burst through low clouds on the horizon. Prints available

Yet another never-before-published image is the background for the September 2024 wallpaper. I made this photo at my local park as well, during a late summer outing in 2022 after we finally saw a reprieve from the hellacious summer of heat and drought through which we had suffered. The water was so low there were wide stretches of new grasses growing on the uncovered sandy beach, and I found this composition of blades coated with sand.

The October free desktop wallpaper is a small scene I came upon at my local park during a morning of heavy fog in January 2021. The park takes on a whole new character when we're treated to rare foggy conditions like this; to this date, I cannot recall where I actually composed this photo within the park. As you can see, many of the rusty oranges of autumn hold on well into the winter months. Prints available

The featured photo for the November desktop wallpaper is once again from Beavers Bend State Park. As you may be guessing at this point, the park has been very kind to me over the past few years. The slow moving river is fairly reliable for providing low fog in the cool mornings of spring and fall. Here, early fall colors stand out against the cooler tones of the morning. Prints available

Free December 2024 Desktop Wallpaper
Free December 2024 Desktop Wallpaper

The December wallpaper features the last of the previously unseen images in this collection. As I began the long drive home from Oregon in 2021, I came upon this scene during a brief snow shower in a mountain pass. What better photo to close out the holiday season?


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