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Free 2023 Wallpaper calendars

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Download free desktop wallpapers to use as your computer desktop background.

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season with those you love. To help you celebrate the new year I've created 2023 desktop calendars that you can download for free. Click here to download the collection or continue reading to learn more.

Each free desktop wallpaper also includes a coupon code that's good for 25% off prints for each month's featured photo, for the duration of the applicable month. Simply enter the coupon code that's in the bottom-right corner of each desktop wallpaper during checkout when purchasing that month's print.

Below, you'll find low resolution previews of each month's calendar; when you download the actual files they will be delivered as high resolution 4K desktop wallpapers in a standard 16x9 aspect ratio.

The included photos cover some of my work from 2019 all the way through to my newest images from Fall of 2022, several of which have yet to be shared publicly as of the time of this post. Those particular photos will be coming to my fine art nature prints for sale in the coming weeks, so you can also consider this desktop calendar a bit of a sneak peek at what I'll be releasing!

The January wallpaper features a photo I made back in February 2020 during the Out of Chicago (Out of Yosemite) conference in Yosemite National Park. This is a long telephoto shot from a chilly morning; I loved the calm yet ghostly appearance of these trees in the distance. View More

This featured photo for the February 2023 desktop wallpaper was captured during a fantastic morning in Bryce Canyon National Park. My friend Jon Fischer and I arrived well before the day's first light and, as the sun flirted with clouds throughout the morning, this ridgeline was lit aglow in a moment where the light broke through. View More

For the March 2023 wallpaper, we jump back in time to a cold, foggy morning in 2019 in southeastern Oklahoma, near Broken Bow. Having had our plans to shoot the Milky Way overnight ruined by the fog, we were still happy to embrace the conditions when we woke back up for sunrise. View More

Jumping forward to 2022, our featured photo for the April 2023 desktop harks from a beautiful canyon in southern Utah, within the confines of the sprawling Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. With clear blue skies nearly every day of the trip, I embraced the opportunity to seek out soft reflected light bouncing off the opposing wall of the canyon, and this tree was a perfect complement. View More

This May desktop wallpaper for 2023 was captured two years ago, featuring Thor's Well along the Oregon coast. Initially, I wasn't planning to photograph this admittedly over-shot location, but I finally decided to wander down and discovered that the experience is entirely different when you're up close and personal with the thundering waves. View More

For the June 2023 desktop, I decided to feature one of my favorite moments from 2022: one that was also rather unexpected. I had decided to make a quick one-night trip to the Broken Bow, Oklahoma area in the hopes of catching dramatic foggy conditions in the morning, but upon checking the forecast the night before it looked like I was going to be out of luck. Needless to say, I'm glad I still woke up early enough to head to my favorite sunrise location! View More

Here we go: For this July 2023 wallpaper, I chose the first of several new photos that I made in the back half of 2022. This particular one was taken from my backyard in nearly 110F temps as my feet and lower legs baked from the unrelenting sun and heat. Coming home from running errands with my partner, I noticed fantastic swirls and swoops of clouds in the sky.

Photographed in my local park, this photo for the August desktop calendar for 2023 is special for a couple reasons: First, it marks my anxious return to my favorite area for local photography after an absolutely brutal summer of record heat and drought, unsure of what I would find. Secondly, I discovered this scene off a side trail I had never before explored over the course of the 10 years I've been visiting this park. View More

Another sneak peek of new work that will be released in the coming weeks, this September wallpaper is another personal favorite from my local park. It's rare for northern Texas to have fog, and I was fortunate to get out to photograph this morning. I was even more fortunate to have these two deer wandering through my composition!

Another as-yet unreleased photo, the October free desktop wallpaper is a small scene I noticed while out photographing what were the best fall colors in northern Texas I've experienced since moving here back in 2012. Speaking of fall colors...

The featured photo for November's wallpaper is the last of my new work included in this 2023 desktop calendar. I call this tree The Witch, and it's rare for me to not visit it whenever I'm in this part of my local park.

Free December 2023 Desktop Wallpaper
Free December 2023 Desktop Wallpaper

Last, but certainly not least, we return to Yosemite National Park to close out this collection of free desktop wallpapers. I had this view all to myself on a cold February night, and ice falling from Bridal Veil into the valley was creating occasional booming echos as I sat reading a biography of John Muir in between clicks of my shutter. View More


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