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Winter Photography in Bryce Canyon and More

Updated: Feb 15

Announcing my free ebook portfolio collection from my March 2023 southern Utah landscape photography trip

It's long overdue, but I'm excited to announce that my latest collection of work is now available to download for free! With over 70 new photos from Utah - including Bryce Canyon National Park and the broader Grand Staircase-Escalante region - and seven short essays, this free ebook encompasses the largest single selection of new work I've released to-date.

Continue reading to learn more and view some preview images or go ahead and download your copy of the ebook now.

If you missed the trip reports for my 2023 winter trip to southern Utah, you can catch up via the following link: 2023 Utah Winter Trip Reports


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Bryce Canyon in Winter: A Dream Come True (Part 1)

Since I first visited Bryce Canyon National Park during the summer of 2018, I've dreamed of witnessing its splendor with a blanket of snow. I had seen wintry images from other photographers but that was not the same as experiencing it myself. Fortunately, as my March trip drew closer, it became clear I would have an opportunity to do so. With frigid temperatures and scattered snow showers in the forecast, I flipped my plans around and kicked things off at the park instead of camping further north along Highway 12.

Bryce Canyon in winter

Bryce Canyon at sunrise in winter

Bryce Canyon at dusk in winter


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The Trees of Bryce: The Start of a Project (Part 2)

When I returned home after that 2018 trip to Bryce Canyon and started working on my files, many of my favorites turned out to be photos of the varied trees found throughout the park. I hadn't made many, but I found something about them quite compelling. And so, the seed of an idea was planted: I wanted to return to the park to begin a project that was focused on showcasing those subjects. In this ebook, you will find over 20 new photos that I made as part of this project.

A lone pine tree standing on the edge of Bryce Canyon in winter

A small tree perched on a snowy ridge at Bryce Canyon National Park in winter

Black and white photo of twisted tree roots in deep snow at Bryce Canyon National Park


Northward Bound: Exploring Highway 12 & Burr Trail (Part 3)

Having explored along scenic Highway 12 and Burr Trail a bit the year prior, I was curious to do so again after a record-setting winter throughout Utah. Many other locations I had hoped to revisit were inaccessible due to poor conditions (snow, ice, and/or mud) but, fortunately, both the highway and Burr Trail were mostly clear. I encountered a bit of everything, from clear blue skies to passing snow showers.

A twisted juniper tree standing out in front of a warm canyon wall along Burr Trail in southern Utah

Low clouds stream along the horizon in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

Snowcapped mountains in Capitol Reef National Park


Closing Thoughts

I hope you enjoy this new body of work! I had mixed feelings about the outcomes of the trip after the fact - likely influenced by unrelated factors that I discuss in the introduction - but once I finally sat down and started reviewing and then processing the files, I was very pleased with what I had produced.

I'm currently hard at work on editing files from my fall 2023 trip to Utah, as well, so stay tuned... there is plenty more to come!


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